Fashion & DesignCanada Goose Is Honouring Inuit Communities In Project Atigi Collection

Canada Goose Is Honouring Inuit Communities In Project Atigi Collection

Canada Goose is expanding its initiative for Inuit communities through its Project Atigi 2.0 capsule collection. 

The brand, renowned for its luxurious outerwear, will be partnering with Inuit Tapirit Kanatami, the national representational organization for the wellbeing of Inuit in Canada, to highlight Indigenous designers and craftsmanship. The first collaboration was in 2019 when Canada Goose released 14 original parka designs. This year the company has increased the breadth of its collection featuring 18 new designers and 90 limited edition jackets. 

Atigi in traditional Inuktitut translates to a parka in English which is the nature of the collection. Garment makers have made hand-crafted Bespoke parkas using traditional craftsmanship, Inuit design, and Canada Goose materials. The design of the parka is suited for men, women, and children. As the first collaboration in the new year Canada Goose is undoubtedly emphasizing Indigenous talent and artistry in a way that is authentic to the culture.

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“With the project’s expansion, we are deepening our commitment to using our voice to amplify theirs,” says Dani Reiss, President, and CEO of Canada Goose. The company is doing what they intended and will be donating 100% of the parka proceeds back to Inuit communities across Canada through ITK. Project Atigi 2.0 will be available in select stores across Canada and online on January 23, 2020.

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