Fashion & DesignA Conversation with: womenswear designer Sebastian Guarin

A Conversation with: womenswear designer Sebastian Guarin

Atelier Guarin is a Ready-To-Wear brand designed by Sebastian Guarin. The brand is fresh, and was named this year’s Breakout Fashion Designer in the 2017 Notable Awards. His collections have been featured in TOM* Toronto Men’s Fashion Week and high-tier publications like VOGUE and FLARE. In this feature, we sit down with the TFI resident Sebastian Guarin to chat about his inspirations, concept behind Atelier Guarin and what fashion means to him.

What was the formative moment in your life where you fell in love with fashion?

The first moment in my life that I started loving fashion is definitely through watching music videos on MTV and watching red carpets on TV. I was obsessed with what pop stars and movie stars wore to the red carpet, and in their super creative music videos. I would make collages and collect pictures from magazines of my favourites.

What was the first fashion piece you ever made?

The first time I ever attempted to make something was probably for my sister before a family trip to Cancun, I wanted to make her a resort style top. I had not gone to fashion school yet, and it was not the best, but it was worth the try.

What’s your favourite fabric to work with?

I do not necessarily have a favourite textile to work with. I do however look for something that does not wrinkle too much, and that has the ability to bring structure and shape to my designs.

Who’s your ultimate muse?

I don’t have a specific muse, but my muse still stems from those childhood days of adoring celebrities and what they wear. So my muse changes with each season. I design what I envision in my mind, and hope that it connects with someone. When a piece I worked on speaks to her, and she wants it, then she is an Atelier Guarin woman.

How did this person influence concept of the Atelier Guarin woman?

Each woman that is represented through the collections is poised, strong, has an incredible sense of style. She is bold, loves shape, structure and a beautiful fit. She is always driven to find standout pieces.

As Notable Life’s Breakout Fashion Designer of 2017, what’s next for you? What can we expect in 2018?

Lots of plans for 2018, more collections, more creativity, and more surprises, stay tuned.

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