Fashion & DesignHere’s What’s Happening at Fashion Art Toronto Fall ‘23

Here’s What’s Happening at Fashion Art Toronto Fall ‘23

It’s time to welcome back Fashion Art Toronto (FAT), Toronto’s immersive, inclusive and longest-running multi-arts fashion week. The seasonal Fall Fashion 2023 showcase runs from November 16 to 19 at Black Creek Assembly. The 20,000 square foot industrial warehouse in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood provides plenty of space for FAT’s newest event features. 


FAT Fall 2023 will include shows from over 35 boundary-pushing designers, a retail boutique of 25 Canadian fashion and beauty brands and its newest addition; a Club Catwalk rave. This season’s first ever Club Catwalk is scheduled for Friday night as a fashion-inspired rave where partygoers can dance on the runway.


FAT designers (L-R): House of Hendo, Madaleine Nelson, and MAYER.


The opening night will feature runway shows from Toronto brands MAYER and VANDAL, and Montreal’s Tristan Réhel. There will also be an art performance from artist Marisa Ricci, combining dance and fashion on stage. 


Fashion at TMU (Toronto Metropolitan University) will also present creative fashion on stage, showcasing Queer and BIPOC student work on the runway. The innovative fashion group, in partnership with FAT, will showcase on Sunday and is led by designer Mic Carter of L’Uomo Strano, who is also a mentor at TMU’s Fashion Zone program.


 FAT artwork (L-R): Sabrine Salima Hakam, Kal Honey and Agata Rek.


Guests of the event will be able to take in photography, paintings and installations from local artists like Agata Rek, Gautami Gupta, Kal Honey, Nova Chiu, Sabrine Salima Hakam, and tracey-Mae Chambers.


“We have an incredible season planned for November with Canadian designers, artists and creatives who are pushing boundaries, breaking norms and making statements with their work,” said Vanja Vasic, founder and executive director of Fashion Art Toronto. “Whether you love watching contemporary fashion on the runway or contemplating mind-bending art works, shopping local designers and brands, or mingling with like-minded style-savvy Torontonians, Fashion Art Toronto offers a diverse range of stylish entertainment.”

Other designers and brands appearing on the 200 ft runway and the Fashion Playground presentation stage include: Brandon Kier, Dehmin Osawamick Cleland, FARDA, Fusion of Luxury, Jessica Halabi, Kendrick Tran, KEROTIX, KDJM, Kolleen Boutique, KOH Montreal, Kyana Kingbird, KYNG KEVY By SkinnyBoiX, House of Hendo, La Nouvelle Route du Coton, L.A Xandr, Lacel, Madaleine Nelson, Martianally, Meglio & Meglio MEESH, Mr. Haque, Ms. Meri Mak, Nary Aref, Nazia Rahman, Purple Heart Supply, Raccoon Guts, RT, Sandy Bottom Swimwear, Solouk, Suburban Deviant, Vveyago and Zedes.

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