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Laundry Day: Chic Design-Forward Smoking Accessories

Laundry Day is a line of chic and modern smoking accessories for cannabis users. The brand’s goal is to provide a modern representation of lifestyle and daily rituals through design-forward pieces that also double as home decor. We spoke with owner and creative director Victoria Ashley about the origins of the brand, the importance of good design, and how the cannabis industry is evolving.

When did Laundry Day start, and what inspired the concept for the brand?

The brand has been in the works for about a year and a half now. Initially, I was looking for pieces for myself and was finding the whole experience quite frustrating. The current state of physical retail smoke shops is not necessarily representative of contemporary culture. I would feel uncomfortable in smoke shops, unable to ask questions about the products, and I was ending up spending money on pieces that I didn’t really like and that I felt didn’t represent myself. One of our goals at Laundry Day is to be found in everyday spaces that are more curated and consumer-friendly while allowing you to take your new pipe home and proudly display it in the open. 

Why do you think the forward design component of Laundry Day is so important?

The narrative behind Cannabis is quickly shifting and because we have so many more resources and outlets, consumers are able to better educate themselves and decide what their relationship to Cannabis looks like. The old “stoner” image is not relevant to so many people who are just beginning to learn about the flower. Being able to provide a more approachable and relatable product is super important for those people, I know because I am one of them!

What types of smoking accessories do you produce, and what are the features of the products?

The first design that we released is called the Tanjun Pipe. This is a beautiful sculptural design made with a white unglazed clay for texture. The interior of the bowl and pipe are glazed for easy cleaning. This piece is a great starter pipe and doubles as a cute bud vase!

Our second design is called the Hudson Pipe. This is a glass disc-shaped piece which features an inset bowl and wide smoke chamber, which allows for a super smooth smoking experience. We wanted to stray away from the typical glass pipe design and create something more chic and fun

We also have a new glass piece which will be launching very soon. This is more of a “one-hitter” style and is a perfect little pal for your bud.

What is the manufacturing process for each product?

All the products are designed by myself in my home in Tofino BC and we outsource our production. 

Is multi-purpose design something you think we should see more of?

Absolutely! Not only does it make sense in terms of functionality but people really respond to creativity and thinking outside the box. I personally find that when I surround myself with art and objects that inspire me, I am able to tap into my creativity better and that shines through in my work.

What is the future of Laundry Day? Are you working on any new designs presently? 

I am so excited about the future of Laundry Day! This has been such an amazing experience so far and the Cannabis community is really blooming and becoming a very positive space to be in. You can look forward to some new products (pipes and more) very soon as well as a lifestyle blog being added to our new website as well as some fun collaborations! 





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