Fragments of memory from bygone eras collect in a cultural consciousness that informs and influences the present in an ongoing intergenerational aesthetic and artistic exchange. Why do we yearn for the past? More specifically, why do we yearn for a past we never experienced? Nostalgia is seeing a revival as popular culture sifts through the relics of its own past to make sense of the present.

Is it an escape from the turmoil of the present day? A longing for the safety and comfort of a simpler time? Perhaps, rather, it is the yearning to foster a sense of continuity and meaning between the past and present. Glossi Mag investigates this continuity, coalescing aesthetics of the past with a contemporary sensibility in our editorial Nostalgia.

Photography and Art Direction: Cody Rooney
Photo Assistant & Assistant Art Direction: Jenny Bukuroshi
Stylist & Art Direction: Arianna Stalteri (Batch Vintage Clothing)
Makeup: Monika Gabriela
Hair: Kat Ginga (Sassoon Salon)
Thank you: Diptych Studio

Matt Oster
Nathan Redburn
Mariah Contento
Sarah Watts
Wuhbet Mekonen



Cody Rooney
is a Glossi Mag contributor.


He is a photography aficionado, theatre school alumni, fashion enthusiast, avid Ariana Grande fan and lover of all things aesthetically pleasing.

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