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Shea Chang and Future Oriented Jelly Technologies

Shea Chang brings life to technology with visual art. Her latest exhibition, “Future Oriented Jelly Technologies” is on view from November 12 to December 11 at Monday Press, an indie publisher and writer collective in Hamilton. The exhibition is curated by Regional Archive, a creative studio founded by Glossi Mag contributor Amy Peebles that provides art consultancy and production services. “Future Oriented Jelly Technologies” will feature 13 drawings, paintings and prints, ranging from 4 x 4 inches to 127 x 110 inches. These works uncover themes of translation and transformation, inspired by existence. 


Shea Chang, “Smooth Aberrator”, 2023.


Chang uncovers and illuminates themes surrounding the complexities of identity and the social, technological and ecological conditions surrounding post-industrial landscapes. 


The exhibit combines the theme of existence with the future of change, with Monday Press’ space transformed by Chang’s innovative pieces. Organic shapes and textures fill each canvas, inspiring movement in the installations as if giving life to technology and transforming how we see life around us. Deep value tones and shadow work in the pieces also emphasize the depth surrounding themes of being, providing a glimpse at what to expect from the exhibit. To bring these visuals to life, Chang uses mediums like acrylic on wood, ink graphite, coloured pencil on paper, digital illustration, wheatpaste and a lightbox. 


Shea Chang, “Chimerico”, 2023.


The Vancouver-born artist produces intricate forms and linework, often accompanied by soft and dreamy colours. Her work embraces a new look at existence, to reconsider the thresholds between organisms, animals and humans.


Recognized for her interdisciplinary approach to art, Chang was recently awarded the Samuel Sarick Purchase Prize, an award honouring graduate students from York University’s Master of Fine Arts Visual Arts program for outstanding achievement. Today, Chang works as an assistant professor of Illustration at OCAD University, continuing to inspire future artists in their creative endeavours.


Shea Chang, “Spectre II”, 2023.


Amy Peebles, founder of Regional Archive, says the exhibition is “an invitation to explore your own way of seeing and being.”


Regional Archive has previously provided services for the “Inverted Topographies Installation” at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, a “Winter Solstice Installation” at Redchurch Cafe in Hamilton and “A Love Letter to the Great Lakes” in downtown Toronto. 


Shea Chang, “Yo-Yo-Yo”, 2023.


For the installation of “Future Oriented Jelly Technologies”, Peebles says there are two site-specific installations created with moving objects of personal significance, like Chang’s grandmother’s fan, across a photocopier machine, then fused together digitally. 


“There’s a subtle story about transformation, trajectory and lineage happening across all the varied media in the show. A reimagining of cultural “containers” with these motifs intermingling throughout the work also points to the technological or industrial space as a place of possibility or imagining another way of being,” Peebles said.


I am also very impressed by the technical skill in her work. One thing that folks may not realize is that there is a possibility that Shea has created an image, printed it, framed it, and created custom installation hardware for it,” Peebles added. “She is very technically skilled, which I think pushes what is possible in her artwork.”


 A free experimental drawing and collage workshop hosted by Chang is taking place on December 2, and the closing reception and Monday Press merch launch is happening December 8. A limited edition print is also available as part of the exhibition as a fundraising effort for the exhibition’s host, Monday Press


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