Fashion & DesignINLAND’s May Popup: Fashion Designer Roundup

INLAND’s May Popup: Fashion Designer Roundup

INLAND, Canada’s favourite curated Canadian fashion marketplace, is back with its Spring 2022 popup, taking place from May 6-8 at Toronto Design Exchange in collaboration with Fashion Art Toronto. The platform and community celebrates some of the country’s brightest brands. Founded by Sarah Power, INLAND creates space for Canada’s most defining new designers through popups and a virtual storefront. It values sustainable collections, advocating for diverse representation and empowering local voices. The Spring 2022 marketplace will showcase 40 Canadian designers.

INLAND’s mission centres around helping shoppers move away from passive consumerism toward thoughtful collecting. It puts in the work and makes it easy for you to discover a designer whose pieces reflect your personal style. Shopping with INLAND uncomplicates things because they do the work of curating slow fashion for you, helping you feel good about minimizing your environmental impact while supporting incredible fashion creatives.


We’ve rounded up some of our favourite designers:

Menswear + Womenswear



Adrienne Butikofer established OKAYOK in September 2017. The contemporary brand is centred around comfort, ease, and seasonal statements. Collections feature 100% handmade textile prints and graphics for everyday ethical statements.






ELIZA FAULKNER is the Montréal-based clothing brand known for its contemporary style and feminine detail. Founded in 2012, the brand focuses on classic and elegant pieces while remaining fully sustainable. Eliza sources fabric from all over the city, using repurposed materials whenever possible.



Jewellery & Accessories


Anne Dahl

Located in Ottawa, Canadian jeweller and metalsmith Anne Dahl develops sculpted pieces that blur fashion and expression. With her minimalist-yet-artistic style, she creates wearable designs that double as exquisite artistic expressions.


Hotpot Variety

Self-taught businesswoman and founder Jess Papp developed a passion for crocheting during the pandemic and turned it into a bold brand. Hotpot Variety crafts crocheted accessories that are sustainably made in Toronto. The brand works to empower people to show off their individuality.



Indigenous Design


Ayimach Horizons

Jason Baerg created Toronto-based Ayimach Horizons in pursuit of redefining futuristic fashion. The brand showcases the colourful fusion of Indigenous expression and tradition. Each collection tells a story through striking colour blocks and geometric designs.





SELFISH Swimwear

Naomie Caron, designer and founder of SELFISH swimwear, has always believed there was a better way to do fashion. Torn between the overconsumption of the fashion industry and her passion for social justice, she decided to keep her passion close to her heart by creating swimwear from recycled materials.



Take a peek at all the Canadian designers popping up at Design Exchange with INLAND and follow @made_inland.



Yasmine Djama is a Glossi Mag contributor.

Yasmine is an account coordinator at Matte PR. She’s also an art lover, who considers herself an old and bold soul.

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