People & CityStudio Session // A Conversation with: DJ KC Lights

Studio Session // A Conversation with: DJ KC Lights

Kerr Slaven, known as KC Lights, is a Scottish DJ, record producer, and songwriter celebrated for his vibrant, euphoric house music. His career reached new heights during the lockdown with the release of his track “Girl,” a summer anthem that helped establish him as one of the most exciting talents in the scene.


KC Lights has appeared live on the most renowned radio shows, BBC Radio 1 and Sirius XM, toured the world’s best stages, such as Creamfields, become a regular within the Ibiza circuit, and performed at some of the most esteemed clubs and festivals.


Keep scrolling to read our chat with KC about his musical journey, creative process, and plans for the future. Plus, grab your headphones and groove to his exclusive mix for Glossi Mag.



Photo by Lanty Zhang


Growing up on the Isle of Bute, how did your surroundings influence your musical tastes and style?


I think growing up on a small island meant that I never felt constricted or really that heavily influenced by any particular sound or style. There wasn’t any sort of “scene” there given it was just a small town so I could essentially go in any direction when it came to what I wanted to listen to and then later what I wanted to write. The sense of creative freedom has become really significant for me when I’m writing.


What was the turning point in your career that led to your breakthrough as a DJ and producer?


I feel like there have been many turning points for me in my career so far. During lockdown I released my track “Girl” which definitely make a big impact on things going forward for me. At a time when it felt like not much was happening in the industry, I had a record that was generating some buzz and I’ve really felt the difference it’s had coming out the other end of the pandemic. 


How would you describe your unique take on house music and the elements that set you apart from other artists?


I’ve never actually set out to be unique or different, but a priority for me in the studio is to always make sure I’m excited by what it is I’m working on. If I ever find that I’m not then it’s time to move on and work on something else. Melody and rhythm are always really core elements for me on everything I do and I think that comes from my background in music.


You’ve performed at various renowned venues and festivals around the world. Is there a particular show or moment that stands out as a highlight in your career so far?


Playing on the main stage at Tomorrowland last year is without a doubt a highlight and I won’t be forgetting that one any time soon!

Photo by Lanty Zhang


As a remixer, you’ve worked with some incredible artists. How do you approach remixing and what is your creative process like?


I generally tackle a remix with the same approach as an original record. I treat them as original works for me and try not to be too influenced, or even listen to, the original. The only difference really is that there is already a starting point, which is typically just the vocal for me.


What advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers who are trying to make a name for themselves in the industry?


It’s obviously very difficult making a name for yourself but I think what is more important than anything else is to always make sure you’re having fun and are excited by what it is you’re doing. I always think that kind of energy comes through in the music and you’ll write your best stuff that way. It can be too easy to try to fit in to a particular scene or to write music you think will be more successful, in my experience though the more successful records come from a genuine love for the music.


Are there any specific goals or milestones you hope to achieve in your career in the near future?


I’ve started thinking about adding a more live element to my sets. I’ve always been a performer and would really love to move into a more experimental and improvised space on the live side of things.


Photo by Lanty Zhang


Finally, what can we expect from KC Lights in the coming months or year? Any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon?


I’m so excited to see the buzz and growth of my recent collaboration with Lapsley, “Better Times”, and am currently working on a couple of really cool remixes of that so look out for those! Lot’s more music to come out later in the year too along with shows in Ibiza at Ushuaia & Pacha, another North American tour and some big festivals to look forward to as well! 


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Kristen Case is a Glossi Mag contributor.


Kristen is a fashion, thrifting and coffee enthusiast. She also works at Matte PR.


Kristen is a fashion, thrifting and coffee enthusiast. She also works at Matte PR.

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