Fashion & DesignThe Fashion Show Podcast: A Conversation with Brian A. Richards

The Fashion Show Podcast: A Conversation with Brian A. Richards

The Fashion Show w/ Brian A. Richards The Elitist, is a new fashion-centric radio program produced by Noah Sniderman airing on Ryerson University’s Campus Community Radio Station CJRU 1280AM. The show features intersectional conversations on fashion with some of Toronto’s most notable industry professionals.

Conversations on The Fashion Show will be informed by Brian’s 12 years in the fashion industry as co-founder of THE COLLECTIONS™ and now as art director in residence at Matte PR. 

In his first episode, Richards is joined by industry mavens Robin Kay and Sage Paul to discuss Canada’s fashion identity crisis, delving into issues surrounding federal support, indigenous representation, and Canadian national identity. On the heels of this first episode, Brian gives us some insight into the project, what he hopes to accomplish, and his own views on Canadian fashion identity.

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Hey Brian, Sup.


Tell us about your new podcast, The Fashion Show, which is being broadcast on Ryerson’s CJRU.

An amazing opportunity with CJRU 1280AM — is available on all streaming platforms – The Fashion Show is really just a candid conversation about the intersectionality of fashion. Sometimes the word ‘fashion’ belies the function of clothing. So I just wanted to interview the various professionals, creators, and thinkers who drive the Industry here, especially those who are cross-pollinating fashion with unlikely industries, or who use fashion as an unlikely device, or inspiration to create something unexpected or innovative.

Obviously, this show is for people who care about fashion but I’m also trying to appeal to a general listener, the cynic, who doesn’t think fashion matters. The reality is, we get up and we get dressed —fashion.

What sorts of conversations are you looking to spark with this project?

Conversations about fashion and class, politics, sex, race, gender, music, tech, you name it, I want to talk about it. Also, I am taking time to look at how-to-succeed in our industry, addressing various helpful fundamentals to guide dreamers who are foraging various paths in fashion.

Is it Canadian fashion-centric?

In short yes. In Canada, fashion is an orphan industry without any support from any level of government. Fashion significantly contributes to our country’s GDP, so, it would be great if our government could foster the continued and sustained growth; rather than forcing our amazing fashion creators and professionals to leave our country in search of more viable markets, with a stronger sense of fashion community.

Why should people interested in social issues listen to this podcast? How is fashion reflective of that?

Fashion has a reputation of being very superficial and vapid, so, I think it’s less about why people interested in social issues should listen and maybe more about compelling people in fashion to take more of a social stance on political issues that affect our industry.


Photography by Maya Fuhr


Alongside the fashion show, we’re excited to have you contribute your own ‘behind the scenes’ write-ups for Glossi-Mag with each episode! What can our readers expect from this series, and why is this important to you?

Expect the ‘behind the scenes’ thought processes leading up to each episode, maybe little extras about my featured guests. This complimentary written series acts as a kind of footnote to The Fashion Show.

What kind of guests can our readers expect to hear on the show? Who is your dream interview?

I’m going to have professionals like lawyers, journalists, editors, designers, professors; thinkers and doers. A dream guest would be someone who is merging social issues with fashion. Or Rihanna.

Who else are you working with on this project? Tell us about your collaborators.

I’m working with CJRU 1280 station producer, Noah Sniderman, Ryerson’s Fashion Zone HQ, and Glossi —really loving the support.

What do you think Toronto needs in order to position itself as a global fashion capital?

Organization and a unified voice sharing the loud message to the world “fashion lives here too.”

What, in your opinion, is the core identity of Canadian fashion?

My ideas on this change daily, but today, I think it’s pragmatism. Canadians specialize in clothing (whatever the aesthetic or specialty) that is comfortable, durable, functional and meanwhile, super stylish and contemporary. I think Canadians are so innovative, employing unconventional methods and technology to design and produce fashion—I am constantly amazed by the ingenuity of our fashion Innovators.

What do you envision as the future of Canadian Fashion?

Said it once, it’s worth saying again: Innovation. Namely breakthroughs in sustainable practices of production and disposal. In general, we Canadians have a strong track record for coming up with crucial solutions — So, I expect nothing less from Fashion in Canada.

The Fashion Show with Brian A. Richards the Elitist premiered on CJRU 1280 AM radio and all streaming platforms where podcast are available, Canada Day July 1st 2019.

If you’d like to support The Fashion Show, check out their Patreon page.



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