People & CityStudio Session // Catching up with Sean Roman

Studio Session // Catching up with Sean Roman

What happens when you mix shuffling rhythm with urban beats? Ask Toronto-born DJ Sean Roman, aka Mutt. The producer and DJ, known internationally for his electronic sounds, is stepping into new waters with a UK Garage track, while remaining true to his roots. 


Sean Roman’s latest UKG track “GANJAMAN”, made with Elektroshok Records, captures the magnetism of his newly-found UKG sound. 


After last speaking to Roman in 2017, we caught up with the artist to hear all about his latest endeavours. Keep scrolling to read the full interview and don’t sleep on his exclusive house and garage Glossi Mag mix. 



Image courtesy of Sean Roman.


The last time we caught up with you, you were making house beats. What’s been going on since we last spoke? 

Since we last spoke I still have been producing house but recently I have started releasing UK Garage tracks as well.  I have always been a fan of UKG so it’s been fun to make. I have also started releasing music under my old drum’n’bass moniker, Mutt…


What are your plans for future shows and tours?

Since Covid I have been more selective in taking gigs. So, I haven’t really been touring much. But I plan on playing more events moving forward, focusing on more multi-genre sets where I can play a mix of house, garage and breaks.


I also intend on promoting more Lately Bass events in Toronto as well.


Amidst your busy schedule, how do you find time for personal creative exploration?

Writing music is therapeutic for me, so I tend to make time for it often. Recently I have been working on some collaborative projects with Toronto Hustle (he runs the Toronto label Selections) as well as a talented vocalist and producer from Detroit, Javonntte. So most of my studio time recently has been taken up working on our forthcoming EP on Freerange Records.


Image courtesy of Sean Roman.


You just finished producing a bunch of new tracks, crossing genres from jungle to UK Garage to house. How do you navigate between these creative headspaces and manage the wide array of musical influences in your production process?

I think I like to navigate these creative headspaces and different genres because if I didn’t, I would get really bored of making the same genre all the time. I have ADHD, which has been a positive force in my music production in the sense that I love spontaneously jumping from one project to another, it keeps life interesting!!


You’ve produced tracks for labels like Hot Waves, Strictly Rhythm, Under the Shade and Nurvous Records. What’s your advice for those bedroom DJs out there?

I guess it would be… don’t overthink it?


Also, be nice to everyone.


You made us a UK Garage mix, what can we expect to hear when we click play? 

A mix of house and garage, and a lot of originals from me. 


What is next for you?

In the next little bit I have releases coming out on Freerange, Selections, Shark With Laser On Head Recordings, and Elektroshok. Gigwise I will be playing a drum n bass set in November for CCDNB. And a UKG event for Toronto label 9d5Dance.

You can catch my gigs, releases and other info on Sean Roman and Mutt’s Soundcloud, Sean Roman’s Instagram, Lately Bass Records’ Instagram, Bandcamp and Beatport


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Kristen Case is a Glossi Mag contributor.


Kristen is a fashion, thrifting and coffee enthusiast. She also works at Matte PR.

Kristen is a fashion, thrifting and coffee enthusiast. She also works at Matte PR.

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